Lake Geneva: the perfect fall weekend getaway

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Mon Oct 04, 2021


Lake Geneva


This two hour drive destination from downtown Chicago is one of the best places to visit during the fall. Located in Wisconsin, this place is great for a weekend getaway. And for those who are looking for some outdoor activities, you don't have to look anymore. With a lot of exciting options like hot air balloon rides, zip-lining, boat cruises, magic shows, camping, hiking, and skiing, Lake Geneva is packed with fun things to do for everyone. 


Things to do in Lake Geneva:


Lake Geneva Shore Path: The Lake Geneva shore path stretches for over 20 miles. Along this path, you will come across some of the best historic buildings and stunning mansions. Don’t forget to check out the Echoes, Black Point Estate.


Safari Lake GenevaStay in the comfort of your car or get aboard one of the guided vehicles to get a great safari experience. Drive through the routes to see animals walking around you. Animals including yaks, camels, bison water buffaloes, alpacas, llamas, and miniature horses.


Take a boat tour in Lake Geneva: The best way to explore the beautiful lake and spend some quality time with your friends and family is to take a boat tour. With many boat rentals options to choose from, you can either explore the entire lake or just the bay, depending on how much time you have. This is a great way to explore the mansions along the lake shores.


Get your mind blown away at the Tristan Crist magic theatre: One of the fun things to do in Lake Geneva is to visit the Tristan Crist magic theatre. Your eyes will be glued to the incredible magic tricks and illusions. From basic tricks to high-end illusions such as cutting a lady in half, the Tristan Crist magic theatre has something for all ages.


Go Zip-Lining: Lake Geneva is an ideal place for zip-lining for people looking for an adrenaline rush, with over 100 acres of land just available for this. They have a short course zip-line tour and a full course zip-line tour that comprises of nine zip-lines, five sky bridges, and three spiral staircases.


Hit the beaches near Lake Geneva: Stay in some of the best resorts located near Lake Geneva. Have a fun day swimming, playing beach volleyball, or just bathe under the sun.



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