Lemon tea: the star of my morning

TechNews Writer
Mon Sep 13, 2021

A significantly new food that I have inculcated into my diet this past year is lemon tea and it’s been quite the switch. My whole family, back in India is big on having morning tea with milk, which I was never a fan of. Hence my relationship with tea was rather non existent and coffee was my best friend. For those of you who might not be aware, lemon tea is basically a hot drink prepared using black tea and a slice of lemon, I take mine with a spoon of honey and a couple mint leaves. Honestly, I got hooked on to it because of its refreshing taste but as it turns out there a lot of benefits to it. Lemon tea is known to have detoxifying properties, boost digestive function and immunity among numerous others.

While lemon tea is definitely the star of my morning, there are one too many teas you can pick from. Unlike me, if it is a healthy switch that you are looking for then green tea is the one for you! Green tea is made from Camellia sinuses plants by steaming and pan-frying the leaves unlike black tea where the leaves are fermented. It is rich in polyphenols and antioxidants which have various health benefits including reduced risks of heart diseases and cancer.  An interesting fact that I found out about tea recently is that it contains trace amounts of nicotine. However according to studies nicotine traces are also present in vegetables like potatoes and tomatoes and its absorption into the body is much different compared to say nicotine from cigarettes and is not considered to be addictive.

Personally, a reason for me to keep the habit of consuming lemon tea going was for the fact that it helped with my nasal congestion. A hot cup of tea is known to be an excellent homemade cure for sinus troubles or a sore throat. It is never too soon to prep for the oncoming winters or so I’ve been told and I think tea would be a great addition to your grocery lists right beside instant soups.



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