Magic does exist: it's called engineering and sciences

TechNews Writer
Mon Apr 18, 2022

Being fascinated by computers from a very young age I often wondered why people from engineering and science nerds were always made fun of? I was very young when I first used a computer, which was to use paint and it was a simply magical experience. There was this screen where I could click on any color and start moving a piece of plastic (mouse) and that color will be shown on the screen. I was like WOW! What did I just do?

Engineering and Sciences have always seemed nothing less than astonishment to me. Something which you cannot see powers up your whole day. I am talking about electricity here. Finding the exact angle at which a ball must be thrown to score a three-pointer. A perfect mix of maths physics and biology. How Biology? Certain body parts need to be trained more than others to generate enough powers. For a basketball player, it’s an upper body like the shoulders and lower body along with the core for the perfect combination of strength, balance, and agility. Controlling a model toy car without connecting any wires or attaching a screw-Just a few clicks and you can control mechanical parts joined together as smoothly as your body parts. With the introduction of Tesla, the limitation of remote control is not limited to toy cars anymore. That is wireless technology known as IoT. With every passing day and advancement in our engineering and sciences, this wondrous experience is just growing. The adrenaline rush which you get after having a Redbull is a branch of science that strongly relates to chemistry. You get the same type of rush from sitting in mechanical hardware which is speeding through a track - from a rollercoaster ride. That is mechanical physics. The fact that two so different components can give you some type of happiness and rush is understanding brain psychology. Now that was something very creative correlation between the different branches of science and engineering. 

These are only a very very tiny portion of what engineering and sciences are capable of doing. Sciences and Engineering are mostly considered nerdy stuff but if you think about it, every athlete is a physicist and every account manager is a mathematician. In my experience magic exists in engineering and sciences and these branches and experiences are not limited to the classrooms.



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