Meet your 2019-2020 TechNews editorial board

Mon Mar 11, 2019

As an organization, TechNews is constantly evolving with the people that come in and out of the organization, and its leadership is no different. As of the printing of this article, TechNews has officially concluded its election season and selected its editorial board for the 2019-2020 school year. Election results are available upon request via email at [email protected]


Editor-in-chief: Alexandra “Lexi” Detweiler (She/her)

"I'm glad to have the opportunity to give back to this group for the next academic year! This organization has had an enormous impact on me and I'd like to see it grow even more. My efforts as editor-in-chief will focus on expanding our membership, specifically reaching out to VanderCook students, poets, artists, and creators of content that are underrepresented in our paper."


Assistant Editor: Quinn Castaneda (She/her)

“I'm happy to be keeping this position for the next academic year, and I hope that I can help maintain and grow TechNews's success. If there's anything I can do to improve how I've been handling this position, I would appreciate feedback.”


Webmaster: Estlin Mendez (They/them)

“I'm excited to work on our website, namely to improve and modernize its aesthetics and make it easier for both our contributors and our readers to navigate and use. I look forward to flexing my creative skills somewhere other than Adobe InDesign.”


Distribution Manager: Prashanth Murugan (He/him)

"I ran for the position as I enjoy doing it currently, and it gives me a feeling of responsibility as a lot of hard work and time goes into the printing of each issue. Furthermore, I have always had a passion for writing, but due to my career change, it's a bit hard to allocate time for my favorite hobby. I feel that I am indulging in my hobby in a way by doing this role. Additionally TechNews covers a lot of important aspects on college life, and I regularly see constructive criticism on the college which has made a lot of changes. I feel I am part of something very important. The opening of the Kaplan Institute during the fall 2018 semester for students and the criticizing of racist faculty are a few things that happened solely because of TechNews. I feel a purpose in doing this job, and working with Ethan is always a pleasure.”


Business Manager: Dhruvit Savla (He/him)

"Thank You for voting me for the position of business manager. This will be a good learning experience for me. Excited to be a part of TechNews."


The remainder of the spring 2019 semester will serve as a transition period between the current editorial board and the new one. Each member will gradually absorb the duties of their predecessor so that by fall 2019, they will already be well versed in their position’s requirements.

On a more personal note, I’d like to express my warmest welcome to our new editorial board. I can say, with full confidence, that when I graduate in May, I am leaving this organization in the best possible hands I can. TechNews will continue to be the best that I know it can be long after I have left it. I wish this new board the best of luck and fulfillment with their new positions.






Appears in
2019 - Spring - Issue 7