Movie Review: "Captain Marvel"

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Mon Mar 11, 2019

The much-awaited female superhero movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), "Captain Marvel" has arrived in theatres. This movie as expected is in the 1990s and along with the introduction of winning actress, Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, it revisits the early days of Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. This film surely does have a retro feel with the '90s like technology, sets, music, and characters.

The movie is a bit more on a comic side with a young and two-eyed Fury playing the joker around. This two-hour runtime movie focuses on Carol Danvers a.k.a. Captain Marvel who is living with a very powerful and smart alien race Kree on planet Hala. She struggles with the memory of her early life on Earth. She is a part of an alien invasion fighting force led by Yon-Rogg (Jude Law). Danvers tries to prove that she is worthy of being a part of this force and trusted by Yon-Rogg she is taken on an alien hunting mission. This hunting mission leads her capture but later she escapes and ends up on Earth where she finds Fury.

On Earth, she discovers some truth about her past life and there happen some key revelations about her identity and she gets answers to all her questions. The '90s Earth has been portrayed in such a manner that it could easily convince people that it was even shot in the '90s. The origin story of Captain Marvel is refreshing with all the classic '90s hits like “Just A Girl” and “Black in Black” playing in the background. The action scenes in the movie are interestingly on a lighter note as the overall movie turns to be of the same tone. There is a good friendly and playful chemistry displayed between Nick Fury and Danvers, while a good emotional bond is showcased between Danvers and her human friend Maria Rambeau. Overall a good show was put up by all the characters on-screen.

The movie has a lot of revelations, twists, and links which are perfectly placed, and we do find some more pieces to the "Endgame" puzzle. This origin story is a must watch!

P.S. Do wait for the end credit scenes, trust me it’s worth waiting for!!!



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Movie Review: Captain Marvel