Movie review: “The Letters to Juliet”

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Mon Nov 14, 2022

Finals are approaching, more assignments are on the way, along with hours and hours of staring at the screen with high hopes of making my code work. With winter not far away, we long for our loved ones even more. People tend to romanticize it, but the cold season does not feel as charming if you are an international student far away from home, trying to breathe and survive the cold. 

To aid my pining heart, I turn to rom-coms. Many of you might be wondering if I am crazy, because watching such movies is only going to make me more miserable, but surprisingly enough it heals my soul and gives me a soothing feeling of comfort, reminding me that everything will be alright, it is only a matter of time. 

My all time favorite winter movie is “The Letters to Juliet”, which is a classic. Many have probably watched it at some point, on the advice of friends, or as in my case because my crush wanted me to. The movie starts with the female lead, Sophie, presented to the viewer as a fact checker, trying to make sense of a historical love moment she learned about. As a result, she plans a trip with her boyfriend to Verona, Italy, the city of love. 

The movie revolves around the tradition of writing letters to Juliet, which is still in practice. This tradition started centuries back. People suffering from heartbreak write letters to Juliet, in which they describe their problems with the hopes of having them solved. In the 1990s, Verona began to receive so many letters that a special club was established to handle them, and the people working there who responded to all the letters were decided to be called the secretaries of Juliet. It is worth mentioning that, even now, if you put "Juliet, Verona, Italy" as the address, the secretaries will receive your letter.

While in Verona, Sophie meets with the secretaries and starts helping them with the letters. One day, she finds a long forgotten letter, which was stuck in between the bricks in the wall, and decides to write back to the person hoping to provide some solace. To her surprise, the author of the letter, Claire, comes to Verona to find her true love. The moments that follow are funny and adventurous. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but I will say that everyone has a happy ending, as should be the case in any rom-com. 

One thing that fascinates me the most about the movie is the the way the importance of love is highlighted. Every so often, we get so caught up in our own expectations and the expectations others have of us that we lose the sight of what really matters.

Although we continuously read wise quotes on love and life online, we never follow them. Instead, we always try to reason with things and strive to make practical decisions. However, sometimes, maybe once in a while, when your heart skips a beat try to embrace it and do that it tells you to. Most of the time, the inner voice is foolish, and you will regret the decision in the next few seconds, but one day that voice will say something, and you will be glad you followed the advice.

Till then, let’s breathe and survive the cold!



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