New iOS 16 top features

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Mon Sep 19, 2022

Apple has finally released iOS(iPhone Operating System) 16, so let's examine all of its excellent features.

Live wallpapers: You still can't get fully moving video wallpapers like you can on Android, but you do not get wallpapers that animate as you switch between the lock screen and the home screen. This is a feature that Xiaomi (another mobile company) has had for years, but it still gives the iPhone a much-needed lively touch.

New wallpaper gallery: At the moment, the only way to constantly get new wallpapers is to go to the app store and download one of those free wallpaper apps that offer you an advertisement whenever you click a button. Apple is now attempting to implement this feature internally, so when you go to select a new wallpaper your phone will serve you a combination of both new wallpapers that it thinks you'll like and also photos you've already taken that it thinks are a good fit. And if you get bored easily on your home screen you can now set it to shuffle so every time you check your iPhone's lock screen you'll see a different picture.

Messages: Messages also underwent a very minor, but undoubtedly significant improvement. You can now modify messages after you've sent them if, for example, you misspelled a word. You can also undo messages and flag a message thread as unread.

Photos: iOS 16 managed to improve the general intelligence of iPhones. On an iPhone, you can interact with the text when you take a picture, but with the newest version of the iOS you can also pause any video and interact with the text. Currency conversion and real-time text translation are also possible within any frame. With the use of a unique function called visual lookup, you can touch and hold a photo and it will instantly remove the subject from the background so you can paste it into other apps.

Dictation: Dictation is now more intelligent when you're using speech to text on your iPhone. It'll now automatically add in punctuation and somehow even emojis.

Sharing: Apple is currently focusing its efforts on sharing, so the main effort was in photo sharing, which seeks to solve the very real issue of each member of a family or group of friends having their own collection of photographs, but never the total collection of photographs shot by everyone. To address this issue, iOS 16 now creates a shared iCloud photo library for up to five users, and you may establish the guidelines for what information is transmitted to that folder. You can now shoot images directly to a shared iCloud account.

Apple Pay Later: It basically enables you to divide a payment for a product you're about to purchase using the service into four equal installments, with no fees or interest. At the time of purchase, Apple pays the company the full amount of the purchase and over the course of the following six weeks gradually deducts that amount from your account.

Apple wallet: Apple is attempting to replace your physical wallet with iOS. For instance, they are currently collaborating with several states and towns to make your Apple wallet capable of holding both your keys and your driver's identification. Your hotel, business, and home keys may now all be stored in your Apple wallet.

Apple maps: There's an upgraded 3D view which highlights buildings with better elevation and improved detail. To be fair on the demos they showed us this looks insane, and it even displays a different aesthetic depending on whether your phone is set to light mode or dark mode.

Notifications: One of the features in iOS 16 that has me the most thrilled is how it handles notifications. I believe the main goal of this update is to lessen the sense of spam, so for starters, alerts now appear at the bottom of your lock screen rather than near the top. Live activities are a separate component in iOS 16 that isolates activity-based alerts. They get more compact and you may position them so they don't annoy you as much.

Lock Screen: The biggest change in iOS 16 is the lock screen. It has taken a long time, but true lock screen customization is now available. You can access the editor mode by pressing and holding on your screen. You still can't move the camera or flashlight icons about on the screen, but in typical Apple fashion personalization is made incredibly simple. For example, you can change the color filter used to the wallpaper, the text font, and the text color with just a single swipe.



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