Coffeehouse review part three

TechNews Writer
Mon Sep 30, 2019

For those who do read these reviews, you may have noticed I had missed a coffeehouse review last week. And while I would apologize, the college student budget isn’t always large enough for lattes. But I got my paycheck—so naturally, now I have to spend its entirety on coffee. This week, I’m venturing farther from Illinois Tech and closer to UIC’s campus.



Located in Greektown, Artopolis is described as a “café, bakery, and agora.” It has an offering of traditional Greek coffees including: Greek (Turkish) coffee and frappé. Since I make both of these at home, I instead ordered a cappuccino. Admittedly, I’ve been to Artopolis several times. Each time I order something different. Usually it’s a cappuccino freddo, or iced, with cinnamon and sugar. My fiancé ordered caffé Vienna, a cappuccino topped with decadent whipped cream. All of their coffee offerings are reminiscent of what you would get in Europe, and it’s a place that I love to sit down for hours to talk with my friends. I wouldn’t say their coffee is special or exceptional, but I’m never disappointed when I go to Artopolis and I will go back many times. Even though its coffee offerings are fairly basic to me, I can’t help but love all of them because they’re a cure to my Eastern European nostalgia.


Morgan Street Café

I had seen this little place every time I go for my workout near UIC, and each time I told myself I must go and try their coffee. When I went inside, I found out that they’re mainly a sandwich shop, so my expectations were low. I ordered a simple latte to stay on the safe side. Upon first sip, I was in love. There was something magical about the espresso they use. I can’t put my finger on what it is exactly. The espresso is full bodied, bold, and yet goes down smoothly. I’ll have to go more often to try their other coffees. While this is primarily a review for the coffee, I also need to mention that their sandwiches are to die for. The Cubano in particular was one of the best I’ve ever had.



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