My Personal Problems With MSV Life

TechNews Writer
Mon Sep 30, 2019

Listen. Come in real close. I need to let you know something very important. This school has many problems. After my four years of attending this institute, the tower of lies that I stand on is nothing but ready to topple over. I can’t not continue living with these conditions that this school provides me with. Yes, there are fire alarms every other day and the quality of North Hall isn’t acceptable, but those are just the tip of this iceberg. The icing on this cake comes from the lack of decent water pressure in the bathrooms of MSV.

How hard is it to get a water faucet to dispense water at a reasonable rate? Too many times have I woke up in the morning with toothbrush in hand and been disappointed from the lack of high velocity being delivered to my cleaning utensil. I desire a constant flow, but I am always meet with this “dripple” if you could even call it that. I hate being in a rush and trying to wash my hand in this pitiful cascade of water. I wish it was possible to get all the barbeque sauce from my spinach taco off my hands within the first three seconds of running my hands under the way. However, this is too much of a fantasy for living in MSV. It takes a solid six seconds to fully clean my hands and by that time, it is too late. The worst part about this experience is after I have satisfied my hands need, I must suffer twenty seconds of painfully waiting for the hand dryer to get my hands from a soaking wet to a comfortable dryness. There must be a way to solve this issue.

                One solution would include increasing the pressure of the entire piping infrastructure. With a larger force and the same size, it would have to increase the overall flow of the system. Another proposal would be to integrate the system with the sprinkles outside. There should be no reason that the plant life outside experience a high velocity of water while I must suffer with this pitiful display. Our school is filled with brilliant physicists and engineers and surely one of them will find a solution to this pressing matter.

                In conclusion, I guess I will spend another sleepless night thinking about how poor MSV is designed. I can only dream of a better day when all students across campus can experience a comfortable water pressure that satisfies everyone’s needs.