The Only Way To Keep Yeezy Fresh

TechNews Writer
Mon Sep 09, 2019

Alright. Check it out. Let's say that you just brought new shoes and you want to surround them with half an inch of crack resistant concrete. Well you came to the right place. I am going to teach you how to encase any object, up to 1.2 cubic feet, in some good ol’ concrete.

Hello. Hop on that Red Line to Roosevelt and get yourself to Home Depot. You must purchase that 80 pound of crack resistant concrete mix. It is an orange bag and it has a dude in a yellow shirt on the cover spreading out the concrete. The secret of this concrete is that it has fibers within the mix that gives it additional strength. Because of this, you must take the concrete and sift out all the large aggregate. If you want to get to that half inch thickness, we are going to have to get aggregate larger than a quarter inch out of the precious mix. Next is important for making this process easier. We use weight as the ratio to determine how much water we must add to the mixture. For example, for every six pounds of concrete you lust after, you must add one pound of water. Now that you know how much water you will need, you must prepare the pour. The easiest way to do it is to add the water to a container that you can stir the mixture in. Then, as you stir the water, slowly add all the concrete that you pre-calculated. Once this is done, you can coat anything and everything with this beautiful substance. Some things to be cautious about is where you do it. Don’t pour concrete anywhere that you want to look nice because it will get messy. Also, concrete will take about 48 hours to cure to a reasonable strength at this thickness so let it set until then. After all is said and done, you should have some spanky Yeezys covered in a thin layer of beautiful concrete. Remember, don’t eat the concrete.



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2019 - Fall - Issue 2