Parenting Styles And It’s Consequences !

TechNews Writer
Mon Apr 25, 2022

I'm writing this article to simply discuss how parents raise their children and the effects we as children experience. It's not easy to raise a child as a parent, but it also depends on the level of care and concern they provide. They see to it that the youngster grows up to be mentally robust, well-rounded, and successful. Some parents are extremely rigid, while others are more lenient. I'd give a quick overview of both categories and how they affect us.
Let's start with strict parents. Strict parents believe that the best way to raise their children with fear is to never listen to their children's views and desires and instead simply boss them around. They place all of their hopes and dreams in their children and expect them to fulfill them. I would not want to always follow my parents as a youngster; I would want to explore things, try new things, and experience new things; this is when I will begin to think outside the box and become an autonomous child. So, if their children do not listen to them, severe parents may react to offensive methods such as beating them or shouting at them to complete the task. For example, I don't want to learn biology tonight and would rather go play basketball, but my mother makes me or beats me and compels me to study biology.  Yes, Mom made me sit and study, but at the end of the day, I didn't study or learn anything from that subject because my entire focus was on the game. As a result, I've wasted my time here and accomplished nothing useful. I've developed a grudge against my mother once more, and I'm going to start hating her.
Let's take a look at what lenient parents do. They don't force their thoughts and opinions on their children. Yes, they do that in a few instances, but differently. Let's use the same example as before: I don't like studying biology and would rather go play badminton, so my mother tells me, "Okay, let's divide your time: play badminton for two hours and study for one hour," and I happily go enjoy my game time, then come back, freshen up, and begin studying for an hour." So here I am, putting my time to good use. At the end of the day, I'm happy with what I've accomplished today. Parental style is not only determined by strict or tolerant parents, but rather by factors such as distance. Some parents want their children to be independent, so they enroll them in a hostel from an early age, and they all grow apart from their parents. So, I'd want to conclude that it's considered good parenting when parents adequately nurture their children so that we, as children, feel free to express our thoughts and opinions. Due to parental concerns, a few of us try to share our personal information with someone like a friend. I know sharing it with a good close friend isn't horrible, but I don't think it will be as comfortable. Some may pass judgment, while others may not, but no matter how serious the problem is, our parents will never pass judgment on us.




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