"Ralph Breaks the Internet": a retrospective

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Mon Feb 11, 2019

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On Tuesday, February 5, I watched Disney’s "Ralph Breaks the Internet," and kudos to the Union Board for hosting a showing of the movie. If you have some time, make sure you go to their next movie night on February 19 to see their showing of Marvel’s "Black Panther." Until then, I have some thoughts and opinions on Ralph’s latest adventure.

Whenever a movie touches on a subject like the Internet, people are quick to call it a cash-grab. While "Ralph Breaks the Internet" is most likely using the Internet as an easy movie premise, it doesn’t feel lazily made or forcefully trying to be cool. In fact, the movie has a more satirical feel to it at times and pokes fun at a lot of Internet trends and themes. This combined with some light-hearted humor ensures that it succeeds in being comedic and entertaining.

Like its predecessor, the movie features many references and cameos, and this time the appearances are not limited to simply retro games. As seen in one of the movie’s trailers, Disney’s long line of princesses spends some time in the spotlight. I, personally, loved it all. Whenever any kind of media crosses over with another, the ensuing interactions tend to lead some very interesting, unexpected results.

The movie features some valuable lessons. The first holds a lot of value for college students and anyone looking at a crossroads in their life. More often than not, our friends will have goals and paths that will take them far away from us. Despite the ability to stay connected in this day and age, many people still fear what the physical distance will do to their friendships. The movie ultimately helps convey that while our friends’ dreams may take them miles and miles away from us, true friendships can and will persist through it all.  It all depends on trust.

The second lesson focuses on not only recognizing our internal problems and faults but also dealing with those conflicts. There are times where we need to recognize if we have toxic or harmful complexes and work them out. These kinds of things take effort. In the end, your friendship and your relationship will be better because of it.

If you haven’t had a chance to see "Ralph Breaks the Internet," it’s definitely worth your time as it certainly lives up to the standard of the first movie. You will laugh but also learn important lessons.





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