Board game review: "The Red Dragon Inn: Battle for Greyport"

TechNews Writer
Mon Feb 18, 2019

Beginning as a sequel of the famous card game "The Red Dragon Inn," in 2016 SlugFest Games released "The Red Dragon Inn: Battle for Greyport," a card and dice-rolling game based in the same universe as its prequel game but based more on combat against vicious beasts, daunting summoners, and pesky goblins. The game is for two to five players and comes with Chronos the Time Mage, Deirdre the Priestess, Fiona the Volatile, Gerki the Sneak, and Zot the Wizard as its main saviors, taking all the fun of the characters from the first game and strengthening their quirky personalities to form powerful battle moves. Players take turns defending themselves from their personal monster group and preventing active monsters from attacking a location in the town. By rolling dice to attack for their own character and adding weapons from their own card decks, players can strategically plan the best ways to defeat all monsters on the board. While characters with melee-based abilities (like Fiona and Gerki) have better weapons to “snipe” and “splash” (which allow players to hit any enemy of their choice and deal damage to a monster group opposite of the one they are fighting, respectively), magical characters (like Chronos, Deirdre, and Zot) have a higher ability to re-roll dice and use multiple attacks per turn. At the end of the turn, any remaining monsters attack the player currently defending the location and lower health. This defending player then has the choice to recruit another hero or item from a reinforcement deck and add it to their pile of defending heroes. The play then continues with the next player on the left becoming the defending player. Play continues until either a hero dies or all monsters are defeated.

While the game does initially sound a bit complicated, a quick read-through of the instruction book clarifies any questions and has a handy index at the back for mid-game questions or disputes. Another problem was the initial introduction scenario as it was heavily criticized for being too difficult, and was later revised in an expansion pack for the game, "The Red Dragon Inn: Battle for Greyport - Pirates!" The difficulty does not take away any of the fun though as playing multiple encounters and accepting defeat only increases future strategies against stronger foes. "Greyport" quickly became a favorite of my friend group and we played it for hours on end. Overall, the game is extremely fun for anyone familiar to the first game or new to the universe.



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2019 - Spring - Issue 4