The renaissance of the Undergraduate Business Council

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Mon Feb 11, 2019

Image courtesy of Undergraduate Business Council

This semester, the on-campus student body Undergraduate Business Council (UBC) is making a comeback with a bang. The student organization is trying to breathe life in itself with a great organization pursuing high hopes and magnanimous plans. UBC's first event this semester is in partnership with the prestigious Leadership Academy for a speaker event with the honorable speaker Mathew Sowick discussing humility as a key to leadership effectiveness. 

UBC, being the only student body officially affiliated with the Stuart School of Business, aims to incorporate the aspect of business, a staple part of conversation across all disciplines on this campus. The student body is already in talks with the Chicago Chamber of Commerce, which consists of people who not only help in running the city but also in nurturing the local economy of Chicago today and into the future. UBC hopes to build a symbiotic relationship between local Chicago businesses and the Illinois Tech student community in order to bridge the gap and ascribe a new legacy for UBC as well as Stuart School of Business for current and upcoming Illinois Tech graduates.

One of the biggest projects UBC had taken this semester is its annual conference. The student organization is known on campus for its magnanimous conference it attends every year. UBC is known for always breaking grounds on the topic of conferences or the mere size of them, and is once again aiming for the skies. The student body is planning this year to attend the largest Amazon retailer brand building entrepreneurial conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. The name of the conference is Prosper Show, which is going to run for three days with an agenda including speakers like James Thompson, former Amazon Founder Nick Cunningham and president of China 2 West, and Chris McCabe. The conference will provide an opportunity for students to learn about industry functionality as well as inside operations, run by industry leaders as well as the founders and chief officers. 

The end goal of UBC is to not only revive but to go through the process like a renaissance and inculcate the ideas of growth, competency, and understanding. UBC aims to expand relational understanding and establish innovative skills to constitute in the design of the thereafter or “the Future.”     




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