The Road to Internship Part 2 - Multiple Offers

TechNews Writer
Mon Sep 09, 2019

I believe this was a hard-fought semester for everyone. Managing the courses, applying for internships, getting interview calls, rejections and above all, the offer letters. For those who did not get the internship, I would say it is not the end of the world. Keep on applying and don’t lose hope since it is at that point where you tend to give up and maybe, just maybe if you had pushed a little bit harder, the opportunity could have been yours.

Reading this, it may feel like all of this happens only in fairy tales, but this is the present. This is for real. The whole semester I applied for various internship positions, and I received many rejections. Disheartening, yes. Confidence shaking, a double yes. The only thing that I had to focus on was that I did not lose my morale. Since I was not the only one treading on this boat, I knew some fine day, a little late, but a day would definitely come where I could get the Internship, and I prayed that everyone would secure one as well.

And finally, that day arrived after semester exams were done. We received an email from one of the companies regarding an internship offer. It was the moment of truth for all of us since it was not just me who was selected but four others as well. Interning with your group of friends is, altogether, a different experience. But there was a twist. In the meantime, when all of the internship documentation procedure was about to commence, I received another internship offer.

Imagine this scenario, and I am sure that every one of you might have witnessed or experienced this as well. You have nothing at first when you need something and when you are just about to give up hope or surrender to the situation, multiple things line up in front of you. At least that is how I felt when I had multiple offers. So, the task at hand for me was to select which was the most suitable for me. (Both were my course-related offers.) Which one would I have chosen and on what basis, it all depended on various factors.



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2019 - Fall - Issue 2