Student Government Association Senate Recap (4/14/21)

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Mon Apr 26, 2021

On Wednesday night at 9:15 p.m. CST, the Illinois Tech Student Government Association (SGA) held their weekly Senate meeting. This meeting was led by (now former) SGA Executive Vice President Derek Rhea, and later by the new SGA Vice President, Keru Omad. This was the final Senate meeting under the SGA executive board of 2020-21. To watch the recorded livestream on Facebook, please go to

RHA Senator Nomination: Trinity Martin

Trinity Martin, a freshman Chemical Engineering major, was nominated to represent the Residence Hall Association (RHA) at SGA Senate and vice versa. Martin has noticed a lot of little things that have annoyed everyone, and wants to change a lot of small things to have a bigger impact. Martin has lots of relevant experience by being involved in several different clubs and organizations, including but not limited to Women in STEM, RHA, Unifying and Nurturing Individuals Through Empathy, etc. “I hope to reduce the amount of waste from the commons as there are a lot of single use objects we are currently using. I’m wanting to find a more efficient method,” says Martin. Martin was approved by the Senate and was sworn in the week after.

Executive reports

Former Finance Board Chair Anwesha Roy announced that the final Finance Board hearing will take place on April 18, 2021. Roy congratulated and welcomed the new Finance Board Chair Chloe Rubinowicz.

Former VP of Events Martina Dimitrova welcomed newly-elected VP of Events Ryan Manthy to the SGA executive board, and said it was an honor to serve her role.

Former VP of Student Life Jeannina Villalobos said her time in SGA was an interesting experience and welcomed the new VP of Student Life Sameer Sheikh.

Former Executive Vice President Derek Rhea said that it was a pleasure serving as Vice President this year, and wished the best of luck to the new SGA VP Keru Omad as well as the rest of the incoming executive board.

Former SGA President Alex Kern bid farewell to Illinois Tech President Alan Cramb and himself as this is his final year.

Campus Administration representative Celestine McGee announced the Talon Awards and also talked about potential comedy acts for a future event at Illinois Tech, and asked for suggestions for comedians to invite to campus.

Executive transitions

Incoming Finance Board Chair Chloe Rubinowicz expressed her excitement to work with everyone and is hoping to do some great things for the school.

Incoming VP of Events Ryan Manthy thanked everyone for their kind words and announced plans to organize the upcoming SGA yearly end-of-the-year banquet.

Incoming VP of Communications Shahaan Mirza is looking forward to next year and has big plans.

Incoming VP of Student Life Sameer Sheikh also said he has a lot of things planned for Student Life, and is excited for the next year.

Incoming VP of Academic Affairs Sandy Orozco said that although Academic Affairs didn’t have as much of a presence on campus, she is hoping to revamp the entire committee and make sure that it’s present and known again.

Incoming Executive SGA VP Keru Omad expressed her excitement for the 2021-22 school year.

Incoming SGA President Ben Barber talked about Senate elections, the Color Walk/Run event on April 25, and Illinois Tech Provost Peter Kilpatrick coming to present at SGA Senate in the next week.

All new executive board members were sworn in by Kern.

Finance Board Liaisons: Ben Kramek, Alejandro Torres

Omad reached out to Senators Ben Kramek and Alejandro Torres to make them act as liaisons between SGA Senate and Finance Board. They will be sitting in on the Finance Board candidate interview process and making sure they run smoothly. Kramek is a Computer Science student and a Sigma Phi Epsilon member, and believes that the role of Finance Board liaison is a way to be involved and get the highest quality members of Finance Board as possible. Torres is a Chemical Engineering major and an executive member in Sigma Phi Epsilon and American Institute of Chemical Engineers. “It’s an important role to make sure that we are getting the best advisors and that FB runs smoothly,” he says.

Both Senators were approved to be Finance Board liaisons with

Senator reports

Senator Na’im Muhammad has been making progress with the assistance of Trinity Martin in regards to reviving the Residence Hall Association and establishing a relationship between SGA and RHA.



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