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Feb 18, 2019
Hello there fellow Tech Hawk! df here to let you know that this week we’re going to do something a little bit different. Rather than pick two specific questions from the mountains of emails, letters, and faxes I receive each week I thought I’d address what is easily the most asked question in a more thorough and multifaceted manner.
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2019 - Spring - Issue 4

10 steps to writing a mathematical proof

Jelena Mihajlovic-Klaric
TechNews Writer
Sep 09, 2019
10 Steps to completing a mathematical proof

1) Read the proposition and immediately give up, leaving your desk.
2) Fifteen minutes later return to your desk ashamed of yourself. This theorem will not defeat you. You are stronger than it.
3) Quickly realize that the theorem is much stronger than you are.
4) Key smash followed by the QED symbol. Beautiful.
5) Frantically press backspace.
6) Begin writing the proof and stop after you’ve restated the givens. A good start. That deserves a thirty minute break.
7) Question your major briefly before realizing that you’re a third year and it’s too late to switch now.
8) Give up and go to bed.
9) Wake up at 4:30AM, a full proof in your head.
10) Forget the whole proof by the time you reach your keyboard, unsure if you're smart only in your dreams, and repeat steps (1)-(7) the following morning.
11) (Optional) Write something, anything—a quick “I’m sorry” is better than nothing—3 minutes before your class starts, just so you’re not the disappointment who turned nothing in.
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2019-Fall-Issue 2