Spring Break Part 4 - Goodbyes are Tough

TechNews Writer
Mon Apr 15, 2019

Time sure flies when you are having a great time, especially when you are enjoying your holidays with your people. I was happy about the fact that I could spend the time to explore a new place but sad at the same time since it was coming to an end. But as it is said that everyone must experience this crest and trough of life… Damn… too philosophical. Let me come back again to start the final day of my holiday.

One of my friends had an afternoon lecture, and after last night everyone was too lazy to get up early, so we decided to grab brunch at this restaurant called Choolaah which was famous for its Indian Cuisine. The name of the Indian dishes as well as the fragrance all over the place made me nostalgic to the core. We ordered a variety of dishes ranging from vegetarian to non-vegetarian dishes. But the thing that was most distinct that we had was the mango lemonade. Finishing the brunch with a lovely dessert is a must, so we opted to eat the mango kulfi (type of ice cream).

After brunch, it was time to head back to my friend’s place before bidding adieu to one of my friends because she had classes the whole day. It was time to rest in the afternoon since my friend had planned to take me to The Duquesne Incline, which is one of the famous spots in Pittsburgh. Packing all my stuff before leaving for Chicago, we left for the place.

Famously called as the City of Bridges, The Duquesne Incline gave a picturesque view of the whole city of Pittsburgh. After reaching the place in the evening, it was just a mesmerizing sight. The confluence of three rivers, the bridges, and the skyline was simply wonderful, and I asked my friend if we were going to go anyplace else after this to which he replied with a negation. We could see the darkness taking over the skies and the lights lighting up the skyline. A treat to the eyes is how I would describe the whole experience.

The Duquesne Incline is well connected by roads but the interesting aspect of visiting the top is using a funicular which is used for transporting people and goods from the bottom to the top. An average ride of four minutes is all it takes to reach from the bottom to the top and the ride is an experience one should not miss. There are various observation points at the top from where you can click beautiful pictures of the skyline.

Having spent a lot of time at the top walking and going around, it was time for me to head back to Pittsburgh Union Station to catch the Amtrak for Chicago Union Station. But not before grabbing a final bite from the local restaurant Wingharts, but unfortunately it was crowded and seeing the time required to order and eat, I could have missed the train back home. So, we decided to grab a bite at Primanti Bros and order the usual Pittsburgher and a drink to go along with it.

A 20-minute walk to Pittsburgh station through the streets of downtown was an amazing experience since I could witness the essence of the city in whatever available time I had, but the aura we get at Chicago during the night time is definitely way too better than other places that I have witnessed till now (Maybe exception would be New York).

Finally, here we are at the station bidding adieu to each other with a hope that we will catch up again soon. Goodbyes are tough especially when you are separating from your brother from another mother, it is a sentimental affair. But this was not the end and decided that we would catch up again definitely soon. With this final message, I boarded the train and waved him the final goodbye as my train chugged out of the station at 11:59 p.m. sharp.

It was always my dream to sit in Amtrak and finally it had come true. The journey was long and close to nine and a half hours long including the time shift of one hour. Since it was an overnight journey, anything was hardly visible despite having a window seat. But not before morning set in. The lounge café car was one of the best coaches of the train which offered a fantabulous view of the scenery passing by.

Sipping a cup of coffee from my seat, I could see that Chicago station was nearing from the fact that I could see the Red Line station and the route 29 bus passing underneath the bridge. Despite a 15-minute delay, the train chugged into the station at 9:00 a.m. Back to Chicago after a fruitful journey just felt amazing. A great trip, catching up with friends and spending quality time with them felt totally refreshing and I was all prepared to face the second innings of the semester.



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