Technology Improvements for the 2019-2020 Academic Year

Mon Sep 09, 2019


Welcome to the new academic year!  

The Office of Technology Services (OTS) is excited to share with you some of the technology improvements that were achieved over the summer to improve the campus experience of our students, faculty, and staff here at Illinois Tech.  Some of the various initiatives involved classroom, PC lab, and kiosk refreshments, application upgrades, research support and network improvements, and the implementation of improved security measures.  

In preparation for the 2019-2020 school year, OTS upgraded 49 classrooms, with some or all of the following improvements: high-definition projectors; high-definition document cameras; 4K control systems/video switchers; new instructor desks; and electric-controlled projector screens.  In addition, OTS upgraded 223 workstations in OTS labs, kiosks, and classrooms in multiple academic buildings on the Mies and Downtown Campuses. Four new software titles were added to OTS’s lab workstations and more than 160 titles were upgraded to newer versions. Further, 448 workstations on the Mies and Downtown Campus were refreshed with new software imaging.  

Special efforts were also made to support Chicago-Kent’s students’ needs.  To that end, OTS released a new, special role for Chicago-Kent students so they, too, now have access to HAWKi, Illinois Tech’s mobile app.  Additionally, OTS added a new “googlekent” role in the portal, enabling a Chicago-Kent-student welcome page that displays information relevant to the C-K community, including student calendars and emails.

As for providing additional support for university researchers, OTS introduced a single sign-on (SSO) from the portal to CITI, Illinois Tech’s research and ethics course provider.  This integration also provides IIT’s research administrators with the ability to monitor the progress of and track compliance by the research community.

Research improvements have also been achieved with the completion of the Mies Campus Science Demilitarized Zone (or DMZ), made possible through funding from a National Science Foundation grant OTS was awarded.  The Science DMZ supports high-volume, secure data transfers with a design that overcomes the performance limitations researchers previously experienced. Moreover, Illinois Tech’s Internet2 connectivity has been upgraded from 1Gbps to 10Gbps, allowing for higher throughput with other Internet2 members, from other universities and governmental entities, e.g., including the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, enabling greater ease in research collaboration.

Illinois Tech continues to invest in the university’s infrastructure to improve the community’s experience.  The main network infrastructure for the east side of Mies Campus has been upgraded. IPv6 has been enabled throughout Illinois Tech’s infrastructure with the exception of some legacy applications.

Increased network security has also been an area of focus, starting with the Mies and Rice Campuses. To increase security for Illinois Tech’s user community and better support ongoing academic and research work, the university has implemented a policy restricting access to non-IIT Domain Name System (DNS) servers.  If your devices are configured to obtain IIT DNS servers automatically, as the majority of devices on the university network are, you will not be impacted. If, however, your devices are not configured to use IIT DNS servers, please go to

OTS is so excited about the new academic year, and the changes that were made to help enable a smooth start to what lies ahead.  Both the OTS Support Desk and the ITS Help Desk look forward to assisting you in any way possible.  If you have any questions on the Mies, Rice, or Moffett Campus, please contact the OTS Support Desk at [email protected], call 312-567-3375 (on campus x7DESK), or stop by the second floor of the Galvin Library.  If you have questions on the Downtown Campus, please contact the ITS Help Desk at [email protected], call 312-906-5300 (on campus x65300), or stop by Room 540 on the Downtown Campus.

Have a great school year!




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