The Tooth Ache Dilemma

TechNews Writer
Mon Sep 09, 2019

Looks like a scary part to read right? Trust me it was worse than I thought. Other illnesses such as the common cold, headache, and stomachache can be cured soon by taking medicines, but when it comes to a toothache, it surely gives you a tough time. That’s what happened to me on Tuesday, August 27.

It is always advisable to eat what your teeth can take and avoid hard and rubbery stuff since that was the main reason my dentist told me for the toothache. Yes, you read that right!!! The pain was so excruciating that I had to run to the dentist to ask for the cause of toothache. The night before the pain escalated was a long one since the pain was extremely tough to handle. Even after trying all the home remedies, the tooth just would not stop hurting.

After looking on the internet for various other home remedies that would subside the pain temporarily, I saw that cloves provide instant relief for the pain. But where could I find them was the question? After looking out for various options and the stores near to me, I had to go all the way to Loyola by catching the Red Line and forward to Devon to get the cloves. One hand on the tooth at all times, I boarded the Red Line and reached Devon where I got the cloves from the Indian store. No sooner did I get checked out from the store, I opened the packet and kept the clove near the paining tooth. A little relief, but the pain still existed.

After returning back to the university, I had to immediately contact the Student Health and Wellness Center (SHWC). I expected that I would get a better response to the condition I was in, but I was highly disappointed. As soon as I addressed the problem, the first thing that I heard was that Dental Care is not covered in the University provided Health Insurance "Aetna." This was not the only blow that I received. When I asked if I could get a contact of the nearest dental care office, I was told that I had to Google and find out. I understand that dental care is not covered in the insurance, but SHWC could have at least provided me a contact detail where I could go and check for myself.

Luckily my roommate helped me search for a dentist nearby and without wasting any more time, I rushed to the clinic. After filling all the formalities and Insurance details, I was told that I had to bear all the expenses since the Insurance would not be covering any part. With a heavy heart and the toothache, I sat in front of the dentist and the first words that he uttered were, "Oh no!!! This does not look good.”

After the tooth was examined, I was told I would have to undergo a root canal. The horror! When asked about the pricing, I was taken to a consultation room and was shown the X-ray of the damage, and then after some calculations were done, I saw the total price. Not kidding here, but somehow after I saw the total price, my pain started subsiding a bit. It was crazy expensive but instead of going ahead with the treatment, I decided to postpone it by taking some antibiotics.

I thought the Insurance would at least take care of my medicines, but sadly again it is a co-pay where insurance pays some amount and I have to pay some of it. Anyways, after taking the medicines for a couple of days, the pain started subsiding and is better now as of today. I just hope that I can sustain with these medicines till the semester gets over.

Just want to conclude by saying please take care of your teeth and have your regular checkups done. I hope no one goes through this pain. Trust me, it is extremely painful, and you cannot do anything until the time the pain subsides.




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2019 - Fall - Issue 2