What's in store for TechNews this semester?

Mon Aug 26, 2019


With my predecessor Ethan Castro reduced to ash, you may be wondering what’s in store for TechNews this semester. Our assistant editor, Quinn Castaneda, will remain in the position she held last semester, her passion for AP style and high editing standards remaining a constant for the paper. Our webmaster, keeper of the website and wizard of all things web, will be Estlin Mendez-- well known for their frequent crosswords and title of TechNews “puzzlemaster” for the last academic year. Ryan Mendoza, a long-time writer for TechNews and dearly beloved by all, will be our distribution manager. The newly filled position of business manager will be held by Dhruvit Savla, who is bravely stepping into a position that has existed on paper but not in practice for a long while. 

With TechNews being entirely student-run, every fall there will be a focus on recruiting students from all disciplines on campus to come be a part of our paper, and this fall is no different. Making the paper showcase as many diverse opinions and talents as possible is a big passion of mine; specifically, I’d like to focus on gaining more involvement from VanderCook students as well as those who are interested in contributing to the paper in non-written ways. While finding student writers is important, there are a multitude of different skills that go into each issue. Graphic designers are essential to the creation of the actual issue in InDesign, and non-written content such as photographs, comics, puzzles, and creative writing add a depth to the paper that I value very highly. 

One thing we’ll be experimenting with this semester is how to best make use of the back page. To mix things up and be more efficient with our space, we’ll no longer be making use of the image that used to grace the back page every week. Take a peek at the back page of this issue to see the beginnings of our thought process on this topic! If you yourself have a suggestion, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

A less striking change we’d like to implement is the addition of two new sections: “local” and “world.” Previously there was no well-fitting place for articles concerning local or international news, usually placed under opinion even when strictly fact-based, and these new additions aim to remedy that problem. The addition of sections will generally be something we’re thinking about this semester, so you may see more new ones as the year progresses. 

If you’re a student reading this and would like to get more involved in the paper, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! With such a multitude of skills needed to produce each issue, there’s a place for everyone. Feel free to attend our writers’ meetings every Wednesday from 1-1:40 p.m. in MTCC 221, or reach out to me personally at [email protected].



Appears in
2019 - Fall - Issue 1