WIIT Radio Show Spotlight: “BLANK Time”

Mon Nov 05, 2018


First-year architectural engineering student Jackson Lapp has hit the ground running with his involvements on-campus as an elected senator representing the Armour College of Engineering in Student Government Association (SGA) as well as a DJ on WIIT, Illinois Tech’s student-run radio station. It seemed only logical for him to combine these two pursuits into one: thus, he created his current show on the station - “BLANK Time” Sundays from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m.

In Lapp’s own words, “BLANK Time” is show where “I tell you what time it is based on my mood or what sort of music I want to play.” Previous episodes of the show have already seen him feature “INTRO Time, where I play some of my favorite intro tracks from good albums, WACK Time, where I played music I found to be wack, weird, or different, and RELAX Time, where I played nice music to relax and study to. It has minimal talking, but I will introduce tracks that I like.”

In describing the origins of his show, Lapp told TechNews that he has always found himself enjoying the idea of running his own radio show, but that seeing a flyer from WIIT advertising student-run shows finally prompted him to apply through the station. A bit of familial history also played into his decision, as Lapp recounted how both his “uncle and cousin have had their own shows as well, so I thought I might carry on the torch for my side of the family.”

Unlike many of the other shows on the station, Lapp intentionally structures each episode’s playlist to be “drastically different from the last so that no two weeks feel the same. I have a pretty varied taste in music, and I love playing stuff not too many people are familiar with,” placing his show in a similar musical whiplash-inducing position as the show “Swear to Shake It Up (If You Swear to Listen)” on Fridays from 1 to 2 p.m.

In addition to featuring music that is reflective of his given mood for the week, Lapp also dedicates a portion of every episode to a section called “SGA Time, where I take a minute or two to discuss SGA news and upcoming events hosted by our different committees to promote more attendance and activity of our student body. It's fun to be able to help my fellow senators see their projects come to satisfying fruition by advertising what they do.” Already, Lapp has used this show to promote various SGA events, such as the President-Provost Forum held on Wednesday, October 24 as well as promote the projects of other SGA senators, such as College of Architecture Senator Marcos Mercado’s work at creating more resources for architecture portfolio reviews.

Lapp hosts “BLANK Time” every Sunday from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. He welcomes any students interested in sharing in his musical interests to either come to the WIIT studio in the MTCC or listen to him live at radio.iit.edu.



Photo by Jackson Lapp (He/him)



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