Working as delivery personnel during the pandemic: tip your delivery personnel more the next time you order online

TechNews Writer
Mon Oct 26, 2020

After a conversation with a friend working as a delivery boy for Dominos, I documented his experience as a worker during the pandemic for the TechNews readers.

As getting a job during the pandemic has become more difficult, the need for people to deliver various goods to the homes of people has become more important to limit the number of people wandering the streets. 
The pandemic has caused many companies to reduce the payment received and due to lesser orders, the number of tips received is affected as well. 

As contactless delivery is preferred, the employees feel safer as no door to door service happens, but the fear of being infected or becoming a carrier is still high.
The delivery personnel is not provided with a vehicle by the store and are expected to bring their vehicles. Multiple deliverers can carpool if required if both parties are willing. It has also become common for the stores to close down a bit earlier than even the new COVID 19 timings if the orders are low.

The risk of being infected during the pandemic is difficult to cope with but working in simpler positions (even if the wages aren't great), has become necessary, especially for university students as making money at the end of the day is essential.



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2020 - Fall - Issue 6